As we are constantly seeking to make your work easier, we have recently completed a number of updates. In this newsletter we will overview some of the most useful ones. We would also like to remind that companies, using a custom TASKER version, can try out the new functions and updates for free by registering the company as a new client here.

Estimate the time needed for an employee’s trip (internet environment)

An estimated travel time is demonstrated at New Task’sfield Object. It demonstrates how much time is needed for an employee to get to the object of the new task. The current location of the employee and the end time of the closest task is taken into account when making the estimation. It helps project managers to allocate tasks more accurately and avoid overlapping.
You can find out more about this update here.

More task type settings (internet environment)

The new TASKER version has more task type settings. For example, it is possible to allocate different colours to different task types. Therefore, when an employee, who is using a mobile app, gets a new task, he can quickly evaluate the type and the priority of the task.
You can find a complete list of the new settings here.

Create a task request (mobile environment)

The entitled employees can create task requests which are then passed to the system administrator. In this way, employees can register issues that they notice but do not have authorization to solve and they can also make other types of requests. After receiving the request, the system administrator makes a decision about further action.

Learn how to create a task request here.


In the following newsletter we will review more new functions and updates. Also, if you want to see all the updates of Internet and Mobile versions, please click on the links below.

Internet environment updates >>

Mobile environment updates >>

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