A year ago, Tasker had an opportunity to pitch our field service management solution to Airbus, the world’s largest airline manufacturer. Airbus Critical App Challenge Nordic hosted 50 startups, and only 11 were selected to pitch their solutions.

After presenting our strategy on managing a field workforce, helping businesses go paperless, and digitizing most of the operations, the Tasker team landed a place in the Airbus app catalog.

Tasker on the Airbus app catalog

It was a significant victory for our team because only the best organizations get a chance to enter the sophisticated Airbus solution list. Airbus app catalog consists of 20 applications that get to be integrated with Tactilon Dabat smart radio. Tactilon Dabat is an advanced mobile communication device that works similarly to a two-way radio, with the advantage of digital functions.

Tactilon Dabat devices

Airbus teams started using Tactilon Dabat to optimize communication between airplane crews and air traffic controllers to prepare and navigate the aircraft. The radio allows capturing and sending images, secure communication between authorized parties, and integration with the Android operating system. 

The device has a long battery life and touchscreen, dustproof, and waterproof design. Tactilon Dabat belongs to Secure Land Communications, an Airbus department, responsible for technological developments and implementation within the organization. 

The device stands out with high security levels and integration opportunities, as it runs on the Android OS. As most of the teams working with Tactilon Dabat handle sensitive information, the device encrypts transmissions, making them accessible only for designated employees. 

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Large governmental and private organizations such as emergency services, police, hospitals, fire fighting departments, army, airports, transportation companies use Airbus Tactilon Dabat. These companies deal with complex projects and large teams, which requires exceptional service quality.

We are excited to provide Tasker services to Airbus clients. However, the journey to getting on the exclusive Airbus App Catalog wasn’t a walk in the park.

Challenges we’ve faced along the way

Airbus is a leading company in the aviation industry, therefore, getting on their list wasn’t that easy. To get on the Airbus Application catalog, the app has to meet five requirements:

  • Technological background, meaning that the application has to be fully native and support offline mode;
  • The app has to run on the Android operating system;
  • It has to be compatible with high-security measures to ensure user data safety and privacy;
  • The new system has to have a user-friendly design and navigation;
  • It has to be business-critical, which means that the customer’s processes depend on the application, and it’s vital for the customer’s operations. Additionally, an application has to ensure system reliability and uptime no less than 99.97%.

It took us a lot of work and experience to master the Tasker app and be qualified for the Airbus solution list. But we couldn’t have done it without the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure that we use to store and secure our clients’ data.

Where is Tasker now and our future perspectives

Although we are on the Airbus app catalog, we keep working to ensure the best quality service there is. Since now we have the highest market standard to meet, we have to keep improving.

We are testing our equipment together with the Airbus team to make sure everything works according to the requirements. While we are doing that, Airbus communicates with their customers to receive feedback, which helps us enhance our service quality. We seek to determine what kind of additional functionality customers need and what could be improved. 

We’ve learned a lot since we started our partnership with Airbus. We gained experience and knowledge from the best market incumbents, which helps us deliver a high-quality FSM software solution.

Tasker FSM software solution

Learn more about Tasker and Airbus partnership here. Or if you wish to be among leading field service companies, request a demo with us to see Tasker benefits for your business.