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Business intelligence reporting tools are a great way to collect data to gain more control over your company. Such software is designed to provide a business with meaningful information that could help expedite the decision-making process and identify the strong and weak points.

Depending on the software you use, business intelligence tools can gather data from performance reports, journal logs, documents, video or image material, emails, and files. Field service companies can benefit from similar tools to better understand the business, know their clients, and evaluate employee performance.

In this article, we will explain why BI instruments are important and how Tasker FSM integration with BI tools can help your business grow.

Why are business intelligence tools necessary?

You are probably wondering why do you need additional tools to analyze your business? Many companies have their own systems, they use Excel sheets or a pen and paper method. However, these basic tools aren’t sufficient enough to satisfy a growing business. Without a professional system, you might overlook important points and miss out on business development opportunities.

Benefits of business intelligence tools for a field service company:

  • A clear view of your business – with BI tools, you get an overview of general and specific business points. With fast and agile software, you can collect data from multiple information sources to get information in one comprehensive report.
  • Identify potential threats – analyzing business reports allows you to see gaps and potential weaknesses that need to be addressed. It can be as simple as unpaid bills, money leaks, or poor employee performance.
  • Understand new trends – knowing your clients’ demands and noticing tendencies can give you a hint on what to expect in the future and where to focus your services on. It might be new trends that interest your customers, which you can use to gain a market advantage.
  • Identify profit and loss sources – even in this day and age, it’s common for companies to neglect some of the significant factors, such as where the money comes and goes—for instance, profit gaps such as paying for services the company doesn’t need or insolvent customers.

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Tasker integration with business intelligence tools

Among many different features meant to improve field service business, Tasker is proud of its business reporting features and integration with business intelligence tools.

On the Tasker system, you can find dashboards showing the performance of your company, team, and other indicators. We offer integration with Microsoft Power BI for those who want a more comprehensive overview of a business. 

Tasker business analytics – Tasker dashboards enable you to understand your field service company better. You can easily access different business statistics based on your search. The main dashboard shows general metrics, but you can go more in-depth by clicking on a specific field.

Although Tasker offers such features as data exporting, email reporting, and quick insights, we provide integrations with business intelligence tools for more comprehensive reports.

Currently, Tasker supports integration with Microsoft Power BI, but powerful API allows integrating Tasker with other BI tools such as Tableau or Qlik. These BI solutions offer full metrics that can help you understand your field service business and seek excellence. 

Tasker Microsoft Power BI – integration with Power BI software allows collecting data from multiple sources. Power BI gathers information from apps, software, and your clients’ systems to create and present comprehensive yet compact information reports. Power BI is capable of getting data from basic Excel sheets or your software solutions. You can get data from the Tasker app, including task execution time, employee performance, client requests, etc.

Power BI simplifies information collection and lets you analyze data in a better way. It’s a reliable and straightforward solution to evaluate your business performance and progress. 


Tasker FSM solution

Business intelligence tools are necessary for a company to grow, yet still, many organizations neglect the need to analyze and understand the business. Tasker and BI software integration enables our clients to access all the necessary information and build their business based on strategic points, knowing where your company is and where it’s going.

But see it for yourself. Request a free demo, or contact us to learn more about Tasker field service management software integration with your business.