Contactless methods

In times of a global emergency, we have to be prepared to not only protect ourselves but also keep the work and business going. The quarantine period is painful for the economy and business, especially for the field service sector. The solution is to ensure remote customer service options.

Why do you need remote customer service?

As most Tasker clients work directly with end-users, they risk their health and wellbeing, therefore, they suspend many operations. Countries are taking measures to limit human-to-human contact and encourage businesses to find new ways of dealing with customers. In response to the international restrictions, Tasker seeks to ensure that your company’s field service activities would be as least affected as possible. 

Some countries like Italy and Spain recently put a full lockdown on cities, resulting in many companies losing the source of revenue. However, vendors, security, and building maintenance workers are still operating, yet during this time, it’s crucial to protect your workforce and ensure safe working conditions. As daunting as it sounds, Tasker offers additional services to meet the current safety precautions. 

Tasker for contactless services

Tasker offers two services: QR code scanning and smart signature functionalities. They help your business execute daily operations without client-to-technician interactions. 


QR code for executing tasks

Usually, when technicians finish a task they need to address the client and make sure they are satisfied with the result. Now, to avoid social contact, Tasker encourages technicians to use QR code or NFC tag functionality. It works simply: before taking on a task, a technician scans a code on a machine or equipment. On the task field, it shows that the task is created and an assigned worker is on the call. After technicians complete the task, instead of waiting for a client’s evaluation, they can scan the code again and mark the task as fixed.

QR code reader

Then the client gets the report about the task stating execution time and additional details. After the client checks the issue, they can continue communication with the service provider using the Tasker platform. This way your business can operate even during the quarantine period and your clients and the team don’t have to risk their health and service quality.

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Another feature to improve your business flow during this period is SMART SIGNATURES! 

Although the digital signature feature is still in its beta stage, you can already apply for testing it. The functionality allows signing reports and contracts remotely. Instead of signing a task report after it’s finished, a technician sends a digital report to a client, where he or she can sign it digitally.

The online form contains all the details about the task. When the client marks the task completed, they can use the digital signature functionality to sign and complete the task.

QR code reader

Although we all have to pause and slow down for a bit, it doesn’t mean your business has to stop operating or that your team has to risk their health. Your technicians’ and clients’ wellbeing and your business success are Tasker’s priority.

We make sure that during this time, you would face as few losses as possible. So that when the pandemic is over you could continue with your business as usual. Additionally, the Tasker team is ready to onboard you (online) on how these new features work and how you can implement them to your technicians, engineers, and other remote workers’ routine. Request a demo to learn more about our technology.

Stay healthy and safe!