Did you have a chance to explore and get to like TASKER 4.0 new features? If not – we are here to help you and today we would like to present you two more features!

You will find much more configuration and customization options to make your daily task as easy as possible with TASKER!

A configuration of task’s screen and tasks stopping reasoning

Every company has different processes and that’s a fact. This cases differences between types, descriptions and other information related with tasks. We offer you a simple solution for simple and easy arrangement of most important information for you. In TASKER 4.0 backend environment, you will find some drafts for new task creation. All you have to do is just arrange layout using “Drag and Drop” and put the information, where you want to find it and save the changes. Layout will be changed only in backend environment.

Every company’s tasks are created to solve a specific problem. They also could have different reasons for stopping and we already resolved that! Now you can create your own list of tasks stopping reasons and let your employees to choose the best one in different cases.

More info here.

More comfortable way of planning…

From now you can plan daily tasks more precisely and and track their performance much easier. TASKER will show you route between employee’s office and object where he should come every time when you create a task. Moreover, you will see an accurate distance and preliminary duration of travel.

…and time saving

Another great improvement is that every time you create a task and assign an object for it, TASKER will suggest you an employee, who is usually working in this object automatically. In this way, you will not have to browse previous tasks and will save time on resources planning. Try it and enjoy it!

More info can be found here.