FSM software and digitalization of business

Digitalization is changing the way we work, communicate, travel, and live in general. As rapidly as it’s improving individual lives, it’s also transforming the way organizations work. Field service digital transformation is an essential factor leading businesses into the twenty-first century. 

According to Finance Online, organizations go through modernization because of:

  • Operation efficiency
  • Changing consumer needs
  • Improved product quality
  • Design reuse
  • Reduced costs
  • New revenue streams

40% of the companies agree that operational efficiency is the leading cause of digitalized business.

The same survey showed that the primary goal of transforming a company is to integrate digital tools such as artificial intelligence technology and enable employees to learn to use it.

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The problem is that many corporations are afraid to take the first step. Often, they have a stereotype-driven workforce or are hindered by stubborn management and fears of innovation. 

According to Gartner, more and more field service companies rely on FMS solution providers, as it’s easier to implement the newest technologies to business operations. So, the need for advanced service is growing, making it more difficult for companies without similar tools to compete.

While it might take time to transform a business fully, it’s essential to catch up with the market trends not to lose substantial business development opportunities.

Transition to a digital business

Digital business transformation means that you are improving your organization from scratch. It’s not only advanced tools but also online systems to support your business operations, team’s work, and mindset. But again, there are a lot of fears along the way.

Aging workforce

Age isn’t a problem when it comes to implementing and learning about new business methods, but it can be challenging to change the minds of employees who rely on old techniques. People who are used to doing things one way might struggle to let in more advanced methods. A lot of them aren’t tech-savvy, deepening their fear of losing a job or influence within the team.

Onboarding a team

Each team member has a different position on digitalization. Therefore, some might handle technologies better, and some might struggle. Often the latter part overcomes tech-savvy team members and cripples further developments. If the whole team isn’t prepared for the transition, it divides the workforce into two sides, making it more challenging to implement technologies.

Stereotypes and disbelief about technologies

Some employees might have doubts about technologies, hindering the whole company. Many don’t trust innovations and think that old rules are the best. But stereotypes about digitalization come from the unknown and fear of learning. While the old techniques might work, digital tools are to complement the process. 

How to ease transition using FSM software?

Field service management software itself is quite a significant step towards digitalization. The good thing is that the system connects most of the business processes and can easily replace them with online automated solutions. 

The primary purpose of FSM software is to simplify and digitize business operations. Once the system is integrated with your company’s flow, you can take on more clients, execute more tasks, motivate employees, and be more efficient. 

Field service management solution provides

Integration with preexisting systems
You don’t have to rebuild your business. A digital system doesn’t change the concept of your company, it complements it. So, if you like the way your organization is running, the software will only improve it and make time and task management easier and more effective.

Team onboarding sessions
Onboarding sessions and meetings with the team are necessary to get everyone on board to use the system. For instance, Taskertools FSM solution includes team onboarding sessions. We educate the management department and technicians on how to use our platform and how it can benefit teams.

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24/7 customer support
Even after learning about a new system, you might find yourself in need of guidance. Find an FSM solution that provides immediate 24/7 customer support to avoid downtime. Smaller service providers have an advantage as they offer a faster and more personalized customer support experience.


Benefits of using FSM software to ease the field service digital transition

Performance evaluation
The software provides you with insights into each task and employees’ performance. It’s easier to measure the time spent on each client and designate tasks more efficiently. By knowing your employees’ strengths and weaknesses, you can schedule work to meet their capabilities.

Reward systems
When you have clear guidelines on the team’s performance, you can set working goals and motivate the workforce with rewards. For instance, you can set a milestone to execute a certain amount of tasks. When someone reaches it, they get additional benefits such as a bonus to the salary, extra vacation days, gifts, or vouchers. 

Time and cost-saving solution
Automated FSM software prevents a company from downtime and errors. Everything you put into the system is recorded; thereby, you don’t lose any piece of information. Old task management tools like paper and pen can’t meet the growing company’s needs, eventually, they hinder development. The digital solution can be adapted to your company’s size and workload.

FSM business digitalization using Tasker

Tasker offers a universal field service management solution to small, medium, and large enterprises. Our software accommodates your company’s operations and improves your customers’ satisfaction.

A business management platform is a significant step towards digitalization, to learn more about digital tools for your business: TOP 7 BEST FIELD SERVICE MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE FOR SMALL BUSINESS VS. ENTERPRISE