In the previous newsletter we told you about the history of TASKER; how the idea was born and what challenges we faced. In this letter, we want to tell you about where TASKER is today and what our goals are.

TASKER’s team

Behind every successful product, there is a strong and dedicated team. TASKER was developed and perfected by 16 specialists – a product owner, managers, programmers, analysts and client support specialists. Every day the team ensures that TASKER is running smoothly and that all possible improvements of the tool are implemented in order to provide a first rate service.

This year’s goal – Integration

The team’s main goal of 2016 was stability. We are proud that it was successfully achieved; currently the standard TASKER version demonstrates 99.7% stability indicator (Fabric data). We are confident that the team’s focus and unity will help us successfully reach this year’s goals – integration in foreign markets and developing TASKER’s compatibility within different industries. In 2017, based on the needs of our clients, we are also working on improving analytical data, functions and reporting.

An advantage which will soon become a necessity

An increasing number of companies have understood the benefits that task management tools bring, but they are still being seen as a benefit rather than a necessity. There is also an unawareness of how much time and money tools like this could save a company. However, trends in the US and Europe demonstrate that tasks, processes and employee management tools will soon become an integral part of any business that wants to stay competitive.

Given the increasing need for task management tools, we are expecting rapid and significant growth both in Lithuania and abroad. We are currently concentrating on our expansion within Poland. The neighbouring country is familiar, has a big marker with a potential for growth, a similar business approach and level of IT development. We have already found local partners with who we are presently carrying out intensive works. At the same time, we are examining expansion possibilities to other countries such as the UK, the US, Sweden, Latvia and Estonia.

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