In the previous newsletter we reviewed some of the new TASKER 3.4. functions. Today, we would like present a couple of more new useful updates that will make your work easier.

Application users’ rights

Seeking to provide maximum data security and help you better manage statistical data, we introduced the possibility to restrict the rights of application users. Managers can now decide what actions are permitted and what information is accessible to the application users. For example, the right of changing certain information can be denied.

You can read more about it here.

Backend tasks calendar

From now on the calendar, which can be used to check the employees’ workload and set agendas, is automatically updated every 2 minutes. Also, the start and end time of the task is being shown: if the task is already completed you will see a factual start and end time, if it is ongoing – the planned start and end times.

Additional backend system settings

TASKER 3.4. was complemented with the new system settings that give more flexibility when creating and assigning tasks. For example, it is now possible to choose the number of tasks that are assigned to an employee at the same time, if the employee should confirm the receipt of the task and when the task is considered to be overdue.
All updates can be found here.


If you want to see all the updates of Internet and Mobile versions, please click on the links below.

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Mobile environment updates >>

Do you know that… you can send a private message to employees when you want to inform them about important news? In order to create a new message, click on the envelope sign on the upper right corner. The message will appear in employee’s inbox. Read here how to create and send a private message.

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