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Against all the odds, the facility and building management system sector is growing and will continue to increase in the upcoming years. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7% between 2021 and 2026 to attain USD 1051 billion by 2026 compared to USD 749 billion in 2020. Yet like any other sector, facility management also had certain challenges that called for innovative solutions.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to ensure employee safety and maintain services while keeping up with regulations. Another tricky task was to create accessible working conditions for those working from home. 

Last year, we published an article with an overview of the most prevalent trends in the building management industry in 2020 – the attention was on advanced technologies, building automation, and internet of things integrations. In this article, we will see how the challenges the sector has faced in 2020, created new trends that will lead the sector in 2021.

Facility and building management system trends

Contactless services

The key question in the previous year was how to keep the business running while limiting direct contact with your clients. This is where contactless and remote services came in handy. And while countries across the globe are already starting vaccination programs to solve the health crisis, social distancing might remain a requirement for the upcoming years.

Contactless service is a creative solution to maintaining regulations while running services as usual. Tasker clients had the same problem, so, we introduced QR code reader and smart signature tools to help them. QR code can be used to initiate a task, search for information about a task and equipment, and complete a task without a customer’s signature, ensuring compliance with social distancing.

The smart signature feature enables you to complete and sign finished work. Similar solutions should emerge around the facility and building management companies as it’s a way to tackle the current health care situation.

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Autonomous workforce

An Independent and well-equipped workforce is resilient to challenges. With more people and back-office employees working from home, technicians must be prepared to solve client issues more independently. But for that, they need digital tools with a professional set of functionality that could provide this opportunity.

Tasker noticed the need for more autonomous and independent technicians. Now, we are working on introducing functionality that could help technicians understand customer requests better and limit the time spent going between the client and back office. It’s very likely that the facility management sector will seek similar results, as that would help to avoid unexpected emergencies such as the current situation.

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IoT and predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance operates based on IoT devices. Machines observe equipment and installations, and based on algorithms can predict when parts need to be changed, cleaned, or repaired. While most facility and building management businesses focus on reactive maintenance (fixing equipment only when an issue occurs), predictive maintenance will likely take over as it’s safer and less time-consuming. 

Although predictive maintenance requires advanced equipment, it can save time and money for a company by helping to prevent unexpected issues and accidents. 


Energy management and sustainable solutions

Energy-saving, renewable energy, and sustainable business development solutions are on the rise. Not only the general public is looking for sustainable options, but also regulators and financial institutions provide incentives and other support for businesses that seek to be more sustainable.

In the upcoming years, sustainable businesses are predicted to gain more traction, investments, and interest from market participants, shifting the entire market to the greener and more sustainable side.

Parking and traffic management

Parking your vehicle in a busy parking lot is a major headache – and facility management companies seek to solve this issue. Together with IoT devices and mobile apps, facility management companies aim to reduce the time wasted parking at the premises. Less time spent on parking and navigating inside a parking lot means better customer experience, less energy and fuel wasted.

Field service facility management solution

Following and implementing market trends can help your business be among the leading ones. But all these developments need support and a prepared workforce. Tasker field service management software solution can facilitate new technology integration in a company’s processes. We help you get closer to modernization and digitize your business operations. Learn more about the Tasker solution here or book a free demo to see it for yourself.