Running a field service business is a complicated process that needs a lot of effort to make it work. From staff and resource management to customer and partnership acquisition, it takes a comprehensive approach to succeed. 

When it comes to customers and partnerships, networking events and conferences still play a vital role. In this article, we prepared a top field service management expo list to help you navigate your business towards success.

What is field service management?

Field service management refers to companies that employ their resources on customers’ premises – for example, facility maintenance, vending machine, security companies. 

Field service management businesses usually have a team of field technicians and engineers and back-office to monitor operational flow, assign tasks, and schedule the staff.

But let’s come back to FSM expos.

FSM expos around the world

We live in challenging times, and one of the most affected areas is live events. However, you can see it both ways. Some events were canceled due to health risks, but on the other hand, many events moved online and became more accessible for the global audience.

Field service management conferences and expos are a great way to:

  • Learn more about the latest industry trends. At these events, you can see presentations from industry leaders talking about the latest technologies and solutions. They also introduce current and upcoming challenges to be prepared and bring a positive knowledge-sharing base.
  • Networking and potential partnerships. An FSM expo gives you an incredible opportunity to meet like-minded people and industry leaders. It’s always great to have good relationships with the largest incumbents in the market and learn from them. Other types of businesses also attend these events to offer their services so that you could improve your operations and find the most advanced solutions for your customers.
  • Potential clients. Events and expos are an excellent way for customers to find service providers. They can meet in person (or online) to learn about the service from the front row and consult about their specific business needs. You can find businesses looking to snag deals, so be prepared to pitch your service proposal.
Online conference

Top 7 field service expos around the world

Annual Field Service Management Summit

13th Annual Field Service Management Summit is dedicated to all the people who contribute to field service management. The Summit is one of the longest-running field service management events in the world. It celebrates the industry’s latest solutions, customer care and service. The two-day expo covers everything from building a customer-centric business to networking.

Where: In-person, Doltone House Jones Bay Wharf, Sydney.

When: 10 – 12 August 2021.

Pricing: You can contact the organizers to find out more information about attending the Summit.

Field Service Expo

Field Service Expo 2021 showcases the best industry solutions. Speakers from all around the world introduce the smart technology role in field service management and other solutions that lead to business excellence. In the event, you can hear from industry-leading companies such as SalesForce, ServiceMax, and more. Hurry up because due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event has a limited number of attendees. 

Where: Edgbaston International Cricket Ground, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

When: Autumn of 2021 (more details will be confirmed).

Pricing: Contact them to find out more information about the pricing and dates.

Field Service

Field Service 2021 is created for industry leaders to meet and share their insights, ideas, and solutions to bring the field service sector to the next level of excellence. Event organizers invite experts from world-class companies like Dell, Johnson Controls, Johnson & Johnson, and more to share their insights with you. They also host virtual networking events to help you find and connect with like-minded businesses. 

Where: This year, they are hosting an online event, ET time zone.

When: April 27 – 29, 2021 – hurry up!

Pricing: The event is free, and to access it, you only need an internet connection.

Field Service Forum

Field Service Forum is an event targeted at the European market. The expo is dedicated to discussing global challenges, solutions, and opportunities. Speakers from world-known companies help guide attendees through the current business landscape to master the transition to digitalization, customer service, and employee satisfaction.

Where: Virtual Business Platform, Online.

When: 7 – 11 June 2021.

Pricing: You can contact organizers to find out more information about the event or pricing for becoming a partner.

Facilities Show

Facilities Show Connect 2021 focuses on the facility management sector and invites businesses to join them in a discussion about the latest industry challenges and opportunities. They host both in-person and online events with more than 600 exhibitors from more than 150 countries. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about field service news and solutions and join industry incumbents in discussion and partnership.

Where: Online and ExCeL London.

When: Online: 1–30 June 2021; in person: 12-14 July 2021.

Pricing: Contact them to find out more about different packages for sponsors, partners, booking a stand, and other perks.


Maximize 2021 is a ServiceMax’s Global Field Service Conference. This field service expo focuses on helping businesses find the best tools and solutions based on the current market needs. This year, the conference was dedicated to fighting economic and business struggles upon the COVID-19 pandemic. ServiceMax invited experts from various fields to share their multifaced experiences and opportunities. Although this year’s event has already passed, you can book a date for the following year.

Where: Will be announced for 2022.

When: Will be announced for 2022.

Pricing: Will be announced for 2022.

Tsia Interact

Tsia Interact 2021 gathers tech companies to discuss and share knowledge about today’s tech challenges and development opportunities. Although the event isn’t all about field service, you can get a fresh outlook on how software solutions work and the latest tech tools to boost your business. You would also have a chance to network with experts from DocuSign, ServiceNow, and more.

Where: It’s an online event.

When: May 4-6, 2021.
Pricing: $495 for non-members who are first-time attendees. Hurry up because prices soon will get up to $1095.

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