If you’re using Tasker, you understand the importance of business operation management. It helps to expedite daily tasks and improve your employees’ performance. We believe that a successful company has to care not only about its own business but also about the clients. Therefore, we want to introduce you to the Tasker field service app for customers. 

Tasker Customer Portal is designed in a way your clients could access all needed information within reach, wherever they have an internet connection.  It means that from now on, your clients can use the service smoother than ever before.

Why is it so important? Time is money, and both you and your clients have to optimize operations to maximize performance. Tasker Customer platform allows your clients to send a task request immediately after there’s a need. Now they can forget about the piles of paper and numerous apps to put reminders. What’s more, clients can edit and update their requests while they’re still on the location.

Field Service Management software for your clients has plenty of features that help saving time. Now you, your client, and employees can add relevant pictures from the location. It helps to spot the issues and solve them faster, also eliminates miscommunication between your team and customers. To be more specific, this feature saves up to 20% of the reaction time. 

Sounds great? Check it out:

Tasker for iOS users

Tasker for Android users

How Does FSM Customer Portal Work?

Optimizing your time is the primary goal, we know that. Therefore, we made the Tasker Customer Platform as comprehensive as possible. To begin with, your client gets personal login details that work online and on the app. After logging in, a client can be on top of all operations and tasks, he or she can also follow up with updates and new statuses. 

Moreover, your clients can send requests for a new job. By using the given information and requirements, a service supplier registers the task, and after responsible employees receive the job, they can proceed. On top of that, your client can access a dashboard where are all requests and assignments. 

The app gives your clients flexibility. Before the task is completed, a client can edit the name of the assignment, change the time, or add additional notes.

We Have News!

Tasker serves a rapidly changing market. We work on the constant evolvement to satisfy your and your customers’ needs. So after hearing out your feedback and suggestions, we updated the Tasker field service app Customer Portal with some useful features.

So, what’s new?


  • After logging out, the system deletes only the password field it saves time when the next time you want to log in to your profile. Now, the app will save your login details, and you won’t have to fill the same information over and over again.
  • You only need your password!


  • Monitor updates. With Tasker Customer Platform, you can always be on top of all your tasks and follow up with the latest updates. It means that the tasks on the admin page are visible on the dashboard, which also shows new statuses.
  • Stopped or already completed. This feature eliminates miscommunication between your team and clients. It also optimizes your time and task planning. 


  • Task view page. This feature allows accessing a task in the blink of an eye. You only need to click on the operation and see the information! The detailed view allows to edit, duplicate, appoint, or cancel the task. 

What’s more:

  • You can review and download the report of completed tasks where you can see finished assignments, materials used, journey’s history, attached files, and comments.

We work to bring the best possible outcome for you and your customers. So, if you have suggestions or exciting ideas on how we could improve our service or app, don’t hesitate and contact us! Tasker team is excited to implement new updates that make your business operation management easier.

Are you interested in trying Tasker FSM Customer Portal?

Tasker for iOS users

Tasker for Android users