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Engineering equipment and construction machinery industries are thriving in this day and age due to growing cities and improving infrastructures. The sector is estimated to grow a CAGR of 7.58% between 2019 and 2024.

In Europe and Western regions, new construction and reconstruction projects are being planned every day, which significantly adds up to a positive forecast.

However, the more projects are carried out, the more industry faces limitations. From unsustainable materials and machinery equipment to time and cost wasting procedures, but the great news is that 2020 is bringing new trends that are about to challenge these concerns and bring the sector to a modern and sustainable future.

Field Service Management and Machinery Trends

Although cloud technology, artificial intelligence, and smart cities are becoming buzzwords, they are transforming the machine-building and construction sector as we know it. So, we collected the five most significant technology trends that will influence the industry in 2020 and the following years.

Engineering equipment trends 2020

Artificial intelligence

Machine learning and AI are a solution to help manufacturers deal with an aging workforce and the lack of professional talents. AI-powered machines could open doors for faster and more precise manufacturing, thereby reducing production costs and development time. While AI could solve a workforce problem, it could also make equipment and construction more intuitive and adjustable.

For instance, some companies are already experimenting with AI-operated wind turbines that adjust to weather conditions and can forecast weather and wind changes. It could improve not only work efficiency but also help with disaster management. 

Cloud technology

As much as cloud computing sounds futuristic, many current field service companies, including heavy machinery, use cloud technology to boost their business. The technology helps to manage equipment remotely and share data much faster.

Of course, our attention goes to cloud-based SaaS solutions that benefit the heavy machinery sector. An interesting fact, by 2021, it’s predicted that 75% of all cloud workloads and compute instances will be SaaS. Then it comes as no surprise when construction and equipment companies start looking for innovative ways to manage their business. 

For instance, field service management software can eliminate manual work and increase performance efficiency. Instead of making calls with clients, planning your employees’ schedules, and on top of trying to juggle administrative work, a system could do it for you. And as for now, it’s an option, but in the near future, it will be difficult to compete in the industry using only manual planning methods. 

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Rapid prototyping and robotics

Rapid prototyping, 3D printers, and advanced CNC machines make engineering equipment manufacturing much more accessible and affordable. Designing a machine or a structure used to take months, and it used to be difficult to spot flaws and make changes without affordable prototyping. Now, you can use modelling and designing software and have your idea turned into a form within hours. 

Modern machines are navigated via computer systems, which enables designers and engineers with less software experience to produce prototypes and use manufacturing tools.

Robotic devices increase workplace safety and efficiency. What used to take days, if not months to produce, now can be done within minutes. Robotized equipment can perform during night hours and weekends, thereby speeding up manufacturing processes and saving production costs.

Smart cities

With governments around the world searching for ways to ensure more environmental-friendly and efficient infrastructures, smart cities are vastly rising. At the same time, they change the way we see construction now. Buildings, green areas, and public facilities all have to be integrated into one automated infrastructure to bring a better life to its citizens. 

These changes inspired the construction and machinery sectors to adopt new technologies and look for more sustainable and automated solutions. 

Construction tools

Supply chain digitization

Distributing equipment and materials can be a great pain due to delays, thefts, and counterfeiters. When a shipment is on its way, it’s almost impossible to follow it throughout the whole journey and ensure that goods are intact. With supply chain digitization, it could change. From manufacturers to the end-users, everything could be recorded and thereby secured from latter threats.

Of course, again, the project to this extent would require highly advanced technologies, but it’s something for heavy machinery and construction businesses to think about.


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