And best FSM tool providers by region

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Field service is a multifaced business that plays a significant role in many different industries. When a company is expanding, the field technicians’ team grows along, and it requires professional guidance. FSM software is a tool that assists growing field businesses throughout all development stages. 

What is FSM software?

Field service management (FSM) software is a digital solution to managing your remote team, dispatching, scheduling, route planning, resource tracking, and more. Small to enterprise-size companies use digital FSM tools to increase their team’s efficiency and work performance.

What does FSM software do?

FSM helps to fight some significant obstacles that institutions face, such as manual work, dispatching delays, errors, downtime, paperwork, and low team involvement. It also helps with:

  • Locating vehicles and resources
  • Asset management
  • Scheduling and dispatching work orders
  • Managing field workers
  • Billing, accounting, and other back-office tasks

5 Ways FSM Benefits Business Operations

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1. Reduced costs

Despite the rapid digitization, 52% of field companies still use manual work for their field service operations. Manual labor is costly and can cause delays and mistakes. FSM software helps businesses go through the transition from hand-operated work to a fully automated performance. 

A company managing its field operations on a digital platform reduces paperwork and waste.

Automation also reduces mistakes and delays, resulting in saved resources. The system optimizes technicians’ work and eliminates the time wasted on finding an available team member or going to the same site multiple times due to repeated repairs or miscommunication. 

2. Automated processes

When a company is growing, it’s essential to implement process optimization to save time and avoid delays between departments, team members, and clients. FSM software enables employees from different departments to communicate more efficiently, instantly access needed information, and leave their input. 

Your clients benefit from an FSM solution, as they can take and upload pictures showing a particular issue they need you to solve. This way, a designated employee can repair it faster and more accurately. Later on, a client can fill an automated survey reviewing employee’s performance to ensure smoother work in the future.

3. Evaluation 

Improvement is key to a successful business. However, it isn’t very easy to evaluate your field team without digital assistance. FSM software enables you to track employees’ routes and task execution time, which helps measure performance efficiency. 

Additionally, a field service management system allows clients to leave their insights and comments about appointed technicians and their work. You can export reports about your team’s tasks, evaluate them better individually, and define your organization’s weak and strong points.

4. Empowered workforce

A team equipped with the latest technologies to carry out tasks is an empowered workforce. FSM software benefits employees in many ways. The system eliminates miscommunication between dispatchers and clients to allow technicians to grasp their work better. 

The software accelerates daily work operations; hence an employee can perform more tasks and gain additional benefits and compensation. A digitized system cuts down on administrative work. As a result, technicians can focus on tasks instead of filling in the paperwork.

5. Digital documents and safe data storage

Digital documents are a sustainable and reliable way to record business operations. Depending on a service provider, you can choose from cloud-based field service management software or web-based field service management software. Each way, you can store documents online and share them among authorized users. Digital documentation prevents information loss and data leaks.

You don’t need to manually fill in evaluation sheets or write invoices and bills because the system does everything automatically. 

But the question is – how do you choose the right FSM solution?

FSM software of your choice depends on your business needs, team size, and of course, location. While in digital times, location isn’t as important, and you might want a service provider that understands your market and can provide timely and tailored services.

We prepared a list of field service management software providers by region to help you find the best fit.

Field service management software Europe


Tasker is one of the leading FSM solutions in the Baltic region. The company’s cloud-based field service management software is designed to serve every level of business, from small teams to expanding ones.

We focus on building maintenance, security, heavy machinery, vending, HVAC, and utility industries, but are always keen on expanding our horizons. Our solution is fully digitized and can be customized to your specific business needs.

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We also provide:

  • Real-time field service task assessment
  • Route planning and navigation
  • Real-time new job alerts and task revision
  • Digital signatures and the client satisfaction evaluation
  • All your documents digitized
  • Drawing on captured images
  • Offline mode
  • Time and location tracking
  • Real-time inventory monitoring
  • Job history stats and reports
  • Full integration with other management systems
  • All task-related documents attached

You can experience all these benefits for your business yourself. You only need to request a free demo and get in touch with our team to discuss your business needs to tailor a personalized solution.


Innosoft is a field service management software solution provider based in Germany. The company has been serving field businesses since 1996. As they say, the company offers graphic and geographical resource planning, customer management and customer ticket system, dispatching, customer portal, and more. Innosoft is also a mobile-first FSM solution which is an excellent alternative for agile teams that need flexibility.

You can also request a demo to learn more about their offer and pricing.


ServiceONE offers a wide variety of solutions for businesses that seek modernization. Their field service management software caters to growing and established companies. It provides the field operation management, planning, and programming, reports, and records. The company is based in Spain, but they serve clients from around the world.

Their pricing depends on your business needs, and for that, you might want to contact their sales team.

Field service management software the UK


Oneserve provides field service management software that helps service companies gain control of their organizational operations and increase business agility. The company works with HVAC, utility, building maintenance, telecommunication companies to assist them in day-to-day processes.

Oneserve offers a mobile workforce management solution to plan tasks and assets, manage resources, invoices and billing. They also provide surveys, reports, and personalized systems to cater to your specific business needs. 

You can request a free demo to learn more about their services and pricing.

Field service management software North America 


Workiz is a USA-based field service management solution provider. They focus on both field service teams and back-office employees to simplify work with clients and administrative tasks. Workiz software is an easy-to-use tool with drag and drop functions that allow every employee to access and manage their work efficiently.

In addition to standard FSM software features, they also offer appointment reminders, customizable app features, calendar synchronization, client management, and more.

Their plans vary from $65 per month for small businesses to $299 per month for companies with a large team of technicians and other field employees.


OptimoRoute is based in the US but serves many companies worldwide. They offer a fully optimized field service management for cleaning services, food delivery companies, healthcare, eCommerce, and other businesses. OptimoRoute ensures service precision with an automated planning system, proof of delivery, real-time tracking features, and analytics.

The company offers a free 30-day trial of their services. After that, you can choose from three plans that start at $17.10 per month.

Field service management software Asia-Pacific 

Netsense Business Solutions ASIA

Netsense Business Solutions is a company based in Malaysia that offers a broad range of solutions. ERP and Accounting Software, CRM, HR Solutions, Payroll, Project Management, Business Intelligence Tools, Customized Dashboards, mobile integration.

Their FSM solution offers basic features with additional functionality such as a staff dashboard, warranty management, service contract management, and eCommerce features. 

You can contact their sales team to learn more about the product and pricing.

Tasker: an FSM software solution for every business

Managing a field service company can be challenging, especially when the business is growing. As a team manager or business owner, you should always look for ways to optimize your business operations and motivate your team. A top-grade FSM software is an indispensable solution for a modern company.

We seek to make business procedures easier for field service companies and offer an advanced FSM solution. Our software is customizable to meet your company’s needs and help it thrive in the current market. We work to ensure excellent customer care and empower every business to go further and meet modernization prepared.