How to manage automated households

Smart HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems are gaining popularity among private household owners. With more devices being connected, people automate their homes to save costs and to be more sustainable. 

HVAC industry. Ventilation

A lot of homes rely on central heating, and most apartment owners don’t have proper ventilation or air conditioning. New HVAC trends like digitalization, connectedness, and mobile-friendly integration make it more affordable for anyone who wishes to automate their home.


Back in the day, HVAC installation and repair companies used to serve mainly large facilities such as offices, factory buildings, malls, but now the service comes to private homes. For instance, a house owner has an air conditioner connected to the home system. The platform can also be connected to the maintenance company, and notify it when the device needs cleaning or any other type of preservation. 

With more connected devices and smart homes, the demand for a maintenance service grows. This time it’s different because private household management requires quick and personalized service experience. 

Connecting your home with IoT

IoT (internet of things) allows linking active devices to one network. Usually, the owner can see and manage devices using his or her smartphone or a computer. The influence of IoT-connected devices is growing and rapidly expanding to the HVAC sector. 

It’s predicted that in 2025, there will be 75 billion IoT devices in the world, compared to 26 billion in 2019. Smart equipment requires smart managing solutions. Many HVAC companies are still relying on old operation management tools such as pen and paper or Microsoft Excel. 

If these methods fit your business model, it’s great. But for a business to grow and reach more clients, it’s essential to find more efficient ways to monitor the company’s procedures and client satisfaction. 

Serving private clients has nuances – you might be handling a large customer base, with a diverse clientele. Therefore, it’s impossible to remember every detail about each client and deliver a fast and personalized service.

Field service management software can help you optimize your work, avoid mistakes, and accommodate specific customer needs.

FSM software for smart HVAC solutions

Field service management software works by digitizing your business operations. You can modernize your organization with a fully automated and agile digital solution instead of relying on people and outdated management tools.

HVAC FSM software advantages for your business

  • Eliminating human error

No matter how professional you are, we are humans. Relying on people means that human error is inevitable. People forget things, they get sick, misspell documents. A digitized system automates daily and occasional operations to make it reliable and error-free.

  • Task and time scheduling

When you get a call from a client, you can automatically register it on the platform. Then the system notifies available technicians, and they can fix the issue faster and more accurately.

  • Preventative maintenance scheduling

If you have more than one client, it can be challenging to handle the workload and remember all the maintenance audits. FSM software helps schedule appointments and reminds you when the time to check the client’s equipment is coming.

  • Client satisfaction

Your clients can access the platform through the client dashboard. They can register a new task and request a call. When the job is approved, they can see who and when is going to repair the issue. Later on, a customer can leave a review and immediately request a bill.

  • Motivated workforce

It can be challenging to get your team to try new digital tools, but there are countless benefits once you do it. Technicians and field engineers can schedule their time better, thereby productivity increases. You can also assess how much time each technician spends on tasks and set reward systems to motivate them even more.

Taskertools for HVAC companies

Taskertools designed an intuitive FSM tool to transform your business and bring it to the new age of digitalization. Smart HVAC management requires special attention to clients’ needs. Taskertools solution is built to accommodate those needs and help you be on top of all the business operations.

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