We are coming back with good news!

We understand how it is important to perform daily tasks quickly, effectively and without extra effort. Because of this reason we have created a helpful tool for your clients, which will be easily accessible on their smartphones. So from today on you can find the Tasker Customer Portal app for your clients in the App Store and Google Play!

Let your clients create tasks’ requests easier and quicker!

But wait, there is more! With this new release, your clients can report a task on the spot. In fact, 7 of 10 tasks’ requests occurs when clients are near the specific object or place where the task should be performed. Ours and yours clients needs are what keeps us moving forward, so this with this new app your clients will be able to:

  • Attach photos to tasks’ requests. For you, as the service provider, this will help to get a better understanding of the specific situation and react to the client’s needs more effectively.
  • Submit up-to-the-minute task request. You will be able to get clients’ request when they are in the place where the task should be performed, which creates an opportunity to receive the latest information and status about the situation.
  • Save time. Since there will be an opportunity to add photos which would reflect the real situation, you will minimize the risk of miscommunication and it will improve your reaction time by 20%.

Download mobile app here:

Get more productive with TASKER!