More attention to fast and technician-focused service

We are proud to announce that the new Tasker app is out! The improved mobile-first app is faster, more intuitive, and ready to serve your team. A few months ago, we promised to update the Tasker application and deliver a new and enhanced app, focusing on mobile users and technicians.

Before updating our app, we asked our customers to give their feedback. Many of them agreed that Tasker needed a better user experience and a more intuitive design. We listened to your feedback, and now we introduce an upgraded app to simplify your business operations and help you go digital.

The process to faster field service operations

We already mentioned that the new app was on the pipeline. During that time, we improved many functions. We tested the app and gave it to our customers to try it. After careful examination and feedback, we came back with an agile system focusing on technicians’ work. 

Mobile and technician-first application

Technicians and field engineers are our primary users. They deal with daily tasks and client requests. Therefore, the app has to be easy-to-use and fast. Since the beginning, we developed Tasker to serve technicians first, but now we made it even more intuitive. 

It doesn’t matter how advanced the application is if the person using it can’t achieve desired results rapidly and accurately. So, we asked technicians for their feedback and what could be done to simplify their daily work. That’s how we eliminated unnecessary clicks to register and finish tasks and developed the user learning process. 

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Taskertools field service management software is a tool to expedite tasks. It can’t meet its promise if we don’t make an extra effort to onboard and prepare technicians to use the app. We encourage teams to learn more about our software and its features to reduce task execution time and additional costs. 

Design updates for flawless UX and UI

We prioritize functionality, but to deliver desired results, the app design has to match the features. We kept it simple – fewer tabs and clicks, and two primary colors to keep the focus on what’s important – your work.

The major improvements:

  • Fast and intuitive menu. Now, you can create and manage tasks in one click;
  • Revamped user interface to create and organize tasks;
  • Fewer possible errors;
  • Backdrop functionality to create task filters to expedite work and classify operations.

And new functions and features, such as:

  • Card feature to have a better overview of task lists with macro and micro views; 
  • Banner function to deliver messages and notifications; 
  • You can download task reports in PDF directly to your Download folder, and access it easily, using any file manager;
  • Task report PDF progress and notifications;
  • Add remarks without starting a new task.

The Tasker app was created to save you time and money by digitizing business operations. We couldn’t let prolonged processes and unnecessary procedures hinder your work. But words are just words if we couldn’t prove them.

Try the new Tasker app, and let us know what you think. Does it allow you to achieve more by doing less? You can find more information about the Taskertools product here.