Five years ago, when we released the first version of the Tasker app, we were pioneers with the mobile-first approach in the FSM market.

Since then, we’ve had a clear vision – to help technicians execute field service operations efficiently equipping them with a truly mobile-first solution.

The tech side of our vision also hasn’t changed:

  1. Fully native = fast
  2. Native offline mode = no storage, fields and records limits
  3. User experience based on analytics = fewer clicks
  4. User Interface strictly based on Google Material design = simple

We understand that the path we chose is longer and more expensive, but on the other hand, innovative technological development is an investment in excellent customer experience.

During the past couple of years, we have developed many new features to meet changing consumer needs, Google Material Design passed several stages and we felt that the current app wasn’t enough. 

Today we are sharing, what we believe, should become an example for every FSM supplier.

Have a sneak peek to Tasker FSM app v.5.0

We promise you won’t have to learn to use the app. In fact, the app will become more efficient – with every feature within reach. 

We ask you to be patient, and soon you will be able to share your insights about brand new Tasker FSM app.