Priorities with Customer Service

Whether you run a heavy machinery company or vending company, every field service business knows how crucial is superb field service support. Your competitors might offer similar products, but you can always stand out with exceptional attention to clients’ needs and impeccable service.  

Customer service does not only help a business become prominent in the market but also facilitates client retention. 70% of the buyer’s experience is based on the way they feel treated. You can provide exceptional products, but without attention and responsibility to customers, it will be impossible to thrive in the field service sector. 

There are numerous ways how a company can enhance customer support, but nothing has that many advantages as multifunctional field service management software. 


Tasker is a field service management solution provider, and after analyzing the market, we realized how many companies still administer their field operations manually. Then it comes as no surprise when things get delayed, or clients aren’t happy. 

How Can FSM Software Advance Your Field Service Support?

Field service management software is a versatile tool to simplify business operation planning and increase workforce efficiency. We collected a few points that also benefits customer support:

Time-saving solution

Immediate response is essential in every field service business. Because if you can’t perform a task quickly enough, someone else will. In fact, 90% of consumers rated speed as a crucially important point when it comes to client support. So, whether you need to rush to a call and fix a broken pipe or send an invoice on time – immediate action will help you win clients’ trust and loyalty.

Appointment planning

Appointment planning

When you have more than one client, appointing tasks and ensuring that everything’s in place can be challenging. If, on top of that, you use a paper notebook, expect a disaster. On the contrary, the FSM platform allows registering tasks, appointing available technicians, adding notes, and setting reminders. 

After the work is done, you, your team members, and the client receive a detailed report, which is vital to see an overall performance summary. Moreover, the system notifies a customer support center to make a call and check in whether everything went as planned. 


We mention a feedback feature a lot, but only because a business needs to grow and flourish. Feedback is the cornerstone of growth, no matter it’s bad or good, you have to accept it. However, some details can be easily missed if not recorded immediately after a task is completed. FSM software has you covered because it enables clients to leave reviews from the moment the appointment is made. 

They can rate technician’s work, leave comments, and even conduct a customized survey. Then you can download weekly, monthly, or annual reports about the company’s efforts.

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Communication is key to a strong customer relationship. Yet again, it’s difficult to maintain open communication when you have only phone calls or emails. If clients don’t contact you right after something happens, they might forget it, which can grow into a more severe problem. 

Of course, you could say that FSM software is only another communication channel that no one uses. Tasker thought it through, and it inspired us to launch a Customer Portal platform. This platform enables communication between clients and departments. It does not only help to share insights but also shows your clients how much you care about their input.

Specify issues

If communication is key to customer service, then miscommunication is a slash hammer. And the best place for misunderstanding to grow is a task assignment process. When a client appoints an issue without proper explanation, the appointed technician can miss the main problem or make it even worse.

What FSM software does is that it allows clients to specify an issue by drawing explanations like images, arrows, and similar. Although it sounds like a minor thingy, in real life, it’s a useful feature that saves many hours for both companies and clients.

If you don’t want to implement modernization for your company, do it for your clients. Client retention pays off and what’s the best way to maintain a good customer relationship if not professional customer service.

Tasker FSM has all these features and many more integrated and can offer different perks depending on your business model. Request a demo to see what fits your customer service.