As you may know, Tasker has joined a partnership with Samsung Knox. We are part of the Knox Partner Program and official representatives in the Baltic region. This collaboration was a stepping stone towards better data protection and service satisfaction for our users. Samsung Knox software allows Tasker to ensure the highest field service management security standard to our customers and take on more complex projects. 

Security benefits of Samsung Knox

Let’s start from the beginning, why we went down this road, and what benefits our customers get.

60% of Tasker clients use Samsung devices, and 40% use specialized Samsung devices. 

Tasker big data

The next logical step was to make sure our customers could easily integrate the Tasker app to their devices and provide exceptional security to their own clients. 

Samsung Devices

Samsung Knox software serves this purpose, as it encrypts, isolates, and protects data on connected devices. For additional security and productivity, Samsung software works best together with Samsung Rugged devices. 

Samsung Rugged devices

Samsung Rugged is designed for teams that work in adverse conditions. Field service technicians and engineers often risk breaking, losing, or damaging equipment as they always are on the move, repairing, and monitoring clients’ requests.

Rugged devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers, radios, and scanners meet military standards. Therefore they can withstand dust/dirt/sand and are resistant to submersion, up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes. Rugged tools are shock-proof and equipped with The POGO Charging Dock’s pins, making charging more comfortable and 15% faster compared to other similar devices.

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Samsung Rugged can benefit any field service team because devices can be used even in the most inconvenient situations. It has a glove and wet touch design, making the touchscreen react to your commands even if you’re wearing gloves or have your hands dirty.  

Tasker customers use Rugged devices for accepting payments, scanning codes, AR reading. Rugged devices like Samsung Galaxy Active 2 are perfect for Tasker customers because they have a sensitive and fine IP68 s-pen. Most of the tools our customers use have big screens that fit in one hand, physical buttons, changeable battery, NFC connection, and lots of complementary accessories. 


Durable from the outside and secure from the inside. Rugged devices are protected with Samsung Knox software to ensure exceptional data privacy and security so that no unauthorized parties can compromise or steal your data. 

Samsung Knox for Tasker FSM 

Samsung developed a versatile Knox software to secure their devices and improve customer experience. The system has several versions for different sizes and types of business.

Samsung Knox integration with the Tasker FSM solution enables centralized control and security of connected devices. Therefore, not only devices are secured, and user data protected, but also system updates can be installed remotely. Knox helps control Tasker system updates and manages Android OS settings such as GPS, Bluetooth, etc. The system can put the device on the kiosk mode, making Tasker the only app that the user can see. 

But enough with the technical part, let’s talk about what’s in it for you.


Samsung Knox security and benefits for Tasker users

It took us a lot of effort to achieve a spot in the Knox Partner Program. It’s a privilege to be on this list and to offer the top-notch product to our clients. So, what benefits do you get using the Tasker app with Samsung Knox integration?

All in one solution. Tasker app comes together with a field service management solution, which can be easily integrated into your devices, mobile device management systems, and provide remote device control. We offer Knox integration for organizations that deal with sophisticated projects and sensitive information, as Knox software ensures high-level security and data protection.

Faster and cheaper. Tasker partnership with Samsung means that our clients get everything on one app. We offer a digital FSM solution, full integration with your devices and company’s operations, and a device security solution. In the end, you don’t have to deal with several service providers, saving you money and time.

Reliable integration. We test our FSM solution together with Samsung Knox software on specific Samsung rugged devices to make sure everything works and can be delivered to our customers. This way, we avoid errors and downtime.

Trustworthy provider. It takes a lot of effort to get into the Samsung Knox partner program. We had to meet many requirements to prove that the Tasker app is capable of serving the leading companies that use Samsung software and devices for their business productivity. 

As for now, we keep exchanging knowledge and experience with Samsung and improving our digital FSM solution. You can find more information about Samsung Knox and Tasker integration here. Follow our activity on LinkedIn to see future developments and partnerships. If you’re curious about how to make your company’s operations more secure and productive, request a free demo.