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The goal of every business is to make a profit. But when the company’s main target is revenue and not overall business wellbeing, it might affect employees, often negatively. When a business puts profits before employees, expect trouble. Scheduling and time management are the first ones to be affected.

No matter what your company does – scheduling is the key to employee satisfaction. Yet if you run a field service enterprise, then time planning is even more crucial. Inadequate time and task management result in chaos, inefficiencies, conflicts. It makes schedules less credible, which is why team members might start to ignore it. The result isn’t pretty: increased turnover rates and business costs, and of course, lousy brand image. 

However, when you operate a field service company, often things get out of hand. Sometimes it seems that all clients are calling you at the same time, and every repair has to happen at this exact moment. Therefore, when it comes to employees’ work scheduling, you have to either excel or succumb to the pressure.

Don’t worry – Tasker has you covered! We made a list of four scheduling basics that will help every field service business to shine at scheduling. 

Why Is Scheduling Crucial for a Company?

While poor time management causes all the trouble, smart scheduling can bring a positive outcome. It seems like a minor thing, but if your team’s tasks are planned right, it does not only increase work efficiency, but also generates more revenue, and helps to attract the best talents in the market. 

A good schedule is one thing, but to gain all the benefits, you have to strive for the best. That’s why we made a list of four fundamental rules to enhance the company’s scheduling game.

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Boost Your Employee Scheduling Game

Know your team

Plan as much as you want, but humans aren’t machines, and one formula doesn’t fit everyone. As a great leader, you have to acknowledge that every employee has his own needs, strengths, and weaknesses. This knowledge can do magic if used right. 

For instance, you know that one of the technicians performs better individually, so it would be smart to assign that person to the calls that don’t require teamwork or a lot of contact with clients. 

The same goes for time tables. Many field service technicians have two or more jobs, which makes it difficult to assign them to calls. Ask about everyone’s availability and try not to double-schedule them. Because when you appreciate your team’s time, they will appreciate their workplace more.

Involve clients

No one likes to come to work only to find out that their plans for the day were shifted. Of course, for field service companies, a lot of calls come unexpectedly, but some part of a workload can be controlled. The best way to avoid sudden schedule changes is to contact clients beforehand. 

Don’t be shy to get in touch and ask if they have any repair or installation tasks planned. It will not only help to prepare employees’ work upfront but will also show your clients that you care about them. Also, check our article about how consistent communication with customers can increase your revenue.


Consult with employees

How can you plan someone else’s work without consulting with them first? Of course, some field service tasks are necessary and have to be carried out one way or another. But knowing your team’s preferences comes in handy. They can give you feedback about the company’s time and task management efforts, and suggest what could be improved. After all, employees are the core of workplace scheduling.

Field service scheduling software

Scheduling software

An organized team is an empowered workforce. To avoid common interferences that occur with manual scheduling, such as writing tasks on a paper (you would be surprised how many field service companies still rely on paper and pen…), use field service operation planning software instead. 

Tasker FSM platform is designed to simplify business operation planning, help companies adopt digitization, and, most importantly – empower your workforce. Scheduling for field service companies is one of the numerous features that aim to make your business successful and prosperous. 

With Tasker FSM software, you can use the calendar feature to follow up with employees, calls, and teams. A user-friendly dashboard shows the number of completed tasks, satisfied customers, and employees’ performance. These features are designed to find the best routes and save time.

Moreover, you can see which tasks each employee completed and check their results. It’s an effective tool to measure each team member’s strengths and use them to improve your service.

Although employee scheduling doesn’t sound like a significant part of a company’s growth, it makes a lot of difference. From employee satisfaction levels to saved costs – first-class scheduling is as important as any other aspect of business development. Speed up the process to the top by implementing digital assistance tools. Tasker offers different plans to boost your business growth. See what works best for your team!