2020 was an interesting year for the security and security system installation sector. The market took some hits from the pandemic.

The need for physical security declined as the majority of the hospitality sector had to close down. Soon after, shopping malls and the retail sector, followed by many office spaces had to close down.

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While some sectors were closing, others increased the need for security and surveillance. Airports, train and bus stations, and other transit and logistic infrastructures enforced stricter rules. Security companies have a new task to ensure that people comply with restrictions, the number of visitors doesn’t exceed the limit, as well as check temperatures and other health and sanitation measures.

While other parts such as money collection and equipment repair of the sector faced little to no impact, certain challenges prevailed. But each challenge brings new and creative solutions. In this article, we will discuss how these solutions turned into trends.

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Security trends to look for in 2021

Demand for video surveillance

Video monitoring is rapidly increasing because it can ensure employee safety and social distancing, while at the same time enabling security staff to monitor premises more thoroughly. 

The difference is that the new surveillance technology offers to record the number of people inside the premises, monitor body temperature, and track if everyone is wearing masks, not crowding.

In addition to the current functionality, video surveillance will take a step further to introduce touchless surveillance. With NFC and QR code technology leading the way, the security sector is prepared to withstand social distancing challenges and introduce more contactless solutions.

Working together with customers

Personalized service and attention to customer needs are important in today’s market because of the growing competition. Security companies should work closely with customers to provide all the functionality they need and help them understand it. 

Collaboration and individual attention can improve your service quality and customer satisfaction, as well as increase client retention. Working together with customers also guarantees that your clients understand how the equipment works and how to get the most of it. 

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Smart scheduling

Employees are a crucial part of running an efficient and successful security business. However, some field service security companies tend to neglect employee satisfaction just by failing at task scheduling. 

Proper field service technician and engineer scheduling improves response time to an issue, reduces the time required to solve an issue, which in the end improves customer satisfaction. With growing competition among security companies, it’s necessary to keep employees and clients happy.

5G adaptation and wireless technology

5G is expected to transform many industries and enable them to improve. Security system installation companies aren’t an exception, and with the widespread use of 5G, they can expect other technologies to follow.

As 5G speeds up digital processes, it will be much easier to adopt new developments such as artificial intelligence and wireless camera technology.

Wireless technology is currently mainly used in private households, but with a faster internet connection, it will also benefit public and commercial buildings. Unlike traditional cameras, wireless surveillance can instantly share data through an internet connection and computer network.

Internet of things and predictive maintenance

Tasker trends wouldn’t be complete without the emphasis on IoT solutions. Field service security companies can benefit greatly from connected devices and predictive maintenance solutions. This year, IoT tools became a popular way to secure premises such as offices, malls, hotels, and other premises due to restrictions on physical contact. 

IoT-powered predictive maintenance sensors can secure premises and notify authorized users when there’s a potential threat, fire warning, or other emergencies. If done right, predictive maintenance is up to 12% more cost-effective than preventive maintenance for field service security and fire system installation companies. 

Security and fire trends
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Process digitization

Security and fire installation companies will be required to enforce process digitization due to a growing demand for advanced surveillance and security. Businesses that hire security service providers expect them to be autonomous and digitally-equipped. 

That means that a security guard not only needs to ensure the safety of premises, but they also need to create digital reports, scan QR or NFC codes to record information digitally. 

In other words, security companies need to come closer to digitizing their operations and preparing technicians and guards to be autonomous and resilient to withstand modernization challenges.

Security FSM solution

This year’s focus for security, money collecting, equipment installment, and repairment companies will be on advanced technologies, but field service businesses shouldn’t neglect the importance of the customer relationship and employee satisfaction. In the beginning, it might sound intimidating, but with the right tools, you can embrace digitalization easily.

Tasker provides physical security field service companies with a field service management solution. Our software is designed to alleviate your daily operational concerns, save time, help build a more autonomous workforce, and equip your business with advanced and easy-to-use features.

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