Climate crisis affects every one of us, therefore it’s important to contribute to a more sustainable environment. We are all aware of oceans full of plastic and the global waste problem, but plastic isn’t the only culprit for the climate crisis. Paper and paper waste account for more than a quarter of the space in landfills. Each year, paper consumption is growing exponentially, which causes mass deforestation and excessive energy consumption. 

tasker paperless statistics

Although individual habits contribute to the problem, large businesses and manufacturers are the biggest timber consumers. A field service business also needs a lot of paper for workforce management and administrative work, but that’s not always the best choice for a growing and sustainable company. In this article, we want to introduce modern and sustainable ways of running a field service business to reduce paper consumption and environmental impact.

Negative effects of using paper for your business

Using paper for business operations is wasteful and consumes a lot of energy and other expensive resources. Besides the environmental impact, outdated business management tools such as pen and paper have countless negative effects on your company’s progress. Before starting to use our field service management software, many Tasker customers expressed a common problem – paper and pen can’t meet the growing business needs. 

Why should you ditch paper?

Slow and ineffective processes, difficult paper distribution and logistics, information safety, and customer data privacy issues are only a few significant disadvantages of using paper.

Traditional business administration tools increase the need for additional human resources, raising risks of human error, and losing documents. Often the quality of information filled in paper documents is so poor it becomes impossible to identify data.

Storing and archiving such documents takes a lot of storage space and requires special security measures. To help your business grow and go paperless, it needs long-term digital solutions.

Below, we prepared two ways that can help you build a more sustainable and disaster-proof field service business. 

How to build a sustainable business model for the field service workforce

Field service management software

Automated and mobile tools such as FSM software can cut your paper usage and additional expenses for maintaining paper documents. Currently (the number is continuously growing), Tasker customers have saved 3249 trees. According to the Tasker calculations, each field service task accounts for approximately 1.5 pieces of paper and it is a total of 175 tons of paper saved.

Digital field service management solution can help you ditch the outdated pen and paper method to transform your business and jump the modernization train. With all your team’s tasks, routes, and clients, communication with customers, and employee performance in one digital environment, you can reduce paper and energy waste along with developing faster and more effective task and time management.

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Mobile workforce for sustainable and disaster-proof business

The Tasker FSM solution is designed to help your company go paperless and empower your workforce. An empowered workforce means that your team is equipped to work in dynamic conditions and can withstand challenges such as working remotely.


It’s hard to deny the importance of a strong and prepared remote team with the current health situation in mind. Employees working from home and mobile field service teams are essential in running a sustainable and disaster-proof business. On top of that, a remote working model has environmental benefits. 

Environmental benefits:

  • Reduced energy consumption – fewer people at the office means fewer expenses on electricity, water, and other utilities. 
  • Fewer commuting hours – commuting to work wastes energy, employees’ time, and can be stressful. A team prepared to work remotely can avoid long hours spent stressing about getting to work on time. 
  • Employee satisfaction – remote working brings more flexibility and work-life balance. Although it takes time to find that balance, remote working can benefit employees’ mental health and productivity.
  • Mobile teams – an empowered and equipped service team has more independence and freedom to perform tasks, increasing employee morale and satisfaction. Employees can also perform more efficiently with the right tools.

Tasker FSM – the sustainable and eco-friendly field service solution

The remote working model and mobile field service teams can only thrive with the right tools. Tasker FSM software guarantees easier employee management and increased workforce productivity. Our tool accelerates sustainable business development and helps you take the market-leading position. Sustainable and eco-friendly business isn’t only about being trendy, it’s necessary to build a stronger company and thriving business. Visit Tasker plans to see how it can help you transform your business and go paperless.