How it all started

Taskertools is a field service management software solution, created by an ambitious team of professionals as a promise to our customers’ needs. Our clients, field service companies, were struggling with slow and lengthy business processes such as operation and resource management. They shared a similar issue – lack or no digital tools to support the management. 

The problem was that many modern organizations relied on pen and paper, increasing their risk of mistakes and errors. We dug deeper and found that the issue was much more significant. Unmotivated technicians, lost documents, decisions not based on data, long invoicing circle, and miscommunication between sales and service departments. 

We needed to find a solution that could optimize field service business operations, boost employee motivation, and grow customer satisfaction. Taskertools team of professional engineers, managers, marketing specialists, IT experts joined forces to build Tasker solution. 

Where we are now

Tasker field service management software is built to accommodate field service companies throughout various business processes. From field technicians to the sales team – the Tasker solution is designed to simplify business operations and digitize your business.

As a team, we are eager to help each other by communicating straight and directly. We demand quality by taking responsibility, and we commit to the end result. We offer a service to bring clarity to the company’s operations because our clients’ peace is our peace.

Taskertools is a leading FSM solution in the Baltics region. Each day we progress along our customers and market trends to deliver excellent service quality. Taskertools has integration with the most popular ERP, CRM, and accountancy products in the market. Shortly, we’re planning to expand our integration map and make Taskertools service even more versatile.

Taskertools’ goals

We plan to expand our services to new countries. Our goal is to develop a solution specifically tailored to each industry, serving heavy machinery, vending, utilities, security, and facility management companies globally.

Our growth comes from a 100% technician-first approach. We started by building an industry-leading mobile app, and we still make most of our decisions based on the impact on field workers.

We have a steady focus on targeted industries and the latest industry trends. We provide tailored add-ons and exceptional know-how. But in the end, customers are the ones that push us further and help us thrive. We rely on your feedback and insights to create one agile and versatile tool to revolutionize the field service sector.