Taskertools complemented the service by integrating the Jira add-on. Jira software is the leading program designed to manage staff and business tasks. Taskertools chose this integration to optimize our clients’ experience and improve their team management and service desk reaction time. Now clients can connect their Jira service desk with Taskertools and receive a quicker and more accurate response. 

We noticed that many customers want an on-the-spot and straightforward system to allow them to register an issue and to get an immediate response. Jira add-on enables Taskertools clients to use one platform for all their needs and to automate business operations. The versatile integration allows connecting different devices and multiple team members. Now, Jira users can already use the Taskertools app and add it to their business flow. 

Atlassian Marketplace. Taskertools Jira Service Desk Add-On

Why Did Taskertools Choose Jira?

Atlassian Jira software is a universal tool that many companies around the world use to automate and expedite business processes. The system can be easily combined into a company’s management operations and customized for a specific business model and flow. 

Recently, we introduced new improvements to Taskertools clients. Taskertools customers now can implement contactless tools like remote signature and QR code technology to avoid social contact amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Advanced features enhance the service, but at the same time, they require exceptional operating management solutions to keep everything intact. That’s why Taskertools chose Jira add-on.


Taskertools clients and companies in our sector are using Jira to speed up service desk work and connect multiple departments. We seek the most optimized and efficient service for our clients and believe that the new add-on can improve our field service software solution.

Jira Add-On Benefits for Taskertools Clients

Jira Software is a project management tool designed for more accessible and agile operational processes. Taskertools integrated this add-on because we seek to serve companies with more complex business operations and service desk requests. Jira helps assist a large customer base and react quickly to their concerns giving us an advantage of speed and effectiveness. In addition to efficiency, Jira software offers:

Full integration with existing systems and multiple teams 
Yes, finally, a tool that can handle your business from the core. With the add-on, you can create task boards and assign people from different teams. It notifies responsible team members and allows them to follow task updates. Even if you use Taskertools mainly for field service operations, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to get marketing or HR departments involved – and Jira makes it more accessible. 

Connect field service procedures with the customer service desk
If there’s an issue, you don’t have to search for assistance using different applications. Taskertools with the Jira integration allows connecting both field service operations and service desk to expedite the problem-solving process. 

Enhanced equipment monitoring and task management
The feature allows monitoring the status of customers’ equipment and scheduling preventative maintenance. It helps avoid emergencies and operating disruptions, which is the number one cause of downtime. 

Smart reporting and business analytics
Jira Software offers report templates to give better insights over your business. You can create team performance, task execution, speed and quality, client retention reports to improve business analytics.

Saved time and expenses
When you use one software to manage all your company’s operations, you consume less time and financial resources on other platforms. Juggling a large team is challenging and time-consuming, but with one fully customized and integrated tool, you can avoid needless spendings. 

Helpdesk automatization
Whenever there’s an issue with your clients’ equipment or team’s performance, your customers can easily register a problem, and it immediately will be sent to your Taskertools dashboard. This way, the customer support team can have a better outlook on the overall task progress and solve the issue faster and more accurately. 

Taskertools Jira-Add on for Your Business

Whether you’re managing a large, medium, or small business, Jira software can significantly improve your company’s time and task management and team integration. Now, with Taskertools offering Jira add-on, you don’t have to worry how long it would take to get an issue worked – it’s a matter of seconds for the problem to be registered and proceeded to solve it. Read more about our new free Jira add-on and bring your field service operations to the next level of excellence.