Lead generation and sales are a driving force in every successful business. Many companies focus on acquiring new customers, and this way, increasing sales, but landing a new client is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining old customers.

Customer retention is a great way to ensure client loyalty and regular orders. Upselling combines both increased customer retention and revenue. Instead of searching for new leads to sell your services or products, you can save time and money by upselling to your existing clients. 

What is upselling, and why is it important?

Upselling is a common sales strategy, offering additional services to clients who already used your services or products before. It can be an upgrade to the current offer, premium services or products, or supplementary benefits to improve the existing proposal. 

Upselling is important because your chances of selling to an existing client have a 60-70% success rate while trying to pursue a new customer shows only a 5-20% success rate. Upselling benefits not only your business but also your clients. Your customers save time and money by purchasing products or services from one trusted provider.

Why should field service companies use upselling:

Saved money and time. According to Sumo, upselling is 68% more affordable than generating new leads. If you already have connections with your customers, and they trust you and your service, it makes it easier to sell. Upselling also increases your chances of the same client coming back to you.

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Better customer relationships. Many people have negative associations with sales, but don’t get it wrong – a great offer benefits both you and the customer. You already know the customer and what they might need. By offering them additional services or products, you show attention to the client, which helps build more genuine connections.

Customer loyalty and satisfaction. Upselling increases customer retention and loyalty. If a customer can find all needed services or products under one roof, they won’t rush to look elsewhere. Trust your product, and customers will follow.

Using technicians to upsell

Each business has its selling specifics. Field service companies have an advantage because they communicate with customers face to face and can sell premium services and products on the spot. Technicians provide repair, maintenance, and installation work. Therefore, they know the best how the equipment works and how the client can complement it with additional add-ons. 

Technicians can be a valuable sales asset if you learn to use them wisely. Often, technicians and field engineers earn customers’ trust and build close relationships. Customers trust technicians’ judgment when it comes to accepting a proposal and buying premium products.

Field service companies shouldn’t miss the opportunity to use technicians for upselling because they know how to talk with each client individually, and they understand customers’ needs and can offer a tailored solution. Technicians become trusted advisors and have more influence over decision making.

How to increase your chances to upsell using technicians?

Technicians can join the front sales lines in your company, but you have to ensure that they know how to sell and talk about the product. After all, their direct job isn’t sales.

  • Educate technicians on sales techniques – technicians aren’t salespeople, therefore to achieve desired results, it’s necessary to implement a clear upselling process. 

You can dedicate special training sessions for your team, but you might be time and resource consuming. Another way to prepare technicians is FSM software. For instance, Tasker FSM solution offers customized questionnaires after each task is completed. In addition to improving your customer service quality, it can also work as guidelines for upselling.

  • Focus on lead generation – selling a product is the end goal, but before that, it’s important to attract clients and retain them. Technicians can help a lot by communicating with customers directly and building genuine connections, which later grows into a sale.
  • Optimize time spent with a customer – in addition to repair work, technicians spend a lot of time talking with a customer and demonstrating the product. They can use this time to introduce premium services and products and explain how they wor. 

Many industries use technicians to build strong relationships with clients and upsell. Heavy machinery, telecommunication, vending companies employ the technique strategically to increase revenue and retain customer loyalty. 

FSM solution to optimize technicians’ work

It’s challenging to keep up with technicians’ work and optimize their time without digital tools. Tasker designed an FSM solution to serve technicians first. With Tasker, technicians can plan their time, track customers’ buyer’s journey, and understand better what additional products customers might need in the future. We also designed questionnaires to improve customer satisfaction and help technicians master upselling without additional training.

Intuitive FSM solution is essential in building everlasting relationships with clients, increasing customer satisfaction, and optimizing your business efforts. Check Tasker plans to see how you can improve technicians’ work and increase your revenue.