field service technician
Field Service technician

Field services are an essential part of today’s society. Building maintenance, machinery, security – you name it. It would be difficult to find an industry that doesn’t require at least some fieldwork. However, many field service companies find it challenging to perform efficiently. The issue occurs due to poor management and a lack of professional field technicians.

Although the industry is growing tremendously (it’s predicted to reach 4.45 billion USD by 2022), it faces troubles with manual work and slow working tools. As businesses are striving for modernization and working on implementing digital tools like cloud field service management software to boost operations, the sector still cripples when it comes to field technicians.

The aging workforce and reluctance to changes are the most common obstacles. While customer demands are growing and rapidly changing, only a few incumbents can catch up with shifting trends. However, an engaged and motivated team can easily change the unfortunate path and bring your business to the next level. To begin with, it’s useful to know what are field technicians and how an empowered workforce can accelerate a company’s performance.

Field Service Technicians for an Empowered Workforce

A field service employer is a fundamental part of the industry. They react to calls and ensure that the service is impeccable. Without a professional team, it’s impossible to succeed as a field service company and establish in the market. However, the concept of field employees has changed during the years, and the scope of responsibilities for field technicians are way different than they were twenty or ten years ago. 

A technician looking at how to complete a task

Now it’s not enough to know how to solve occurring issues in the field – a competent employee also has to understand how to work with various software and systems. As more and more companies are striving for the digitized workforce, and technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things, and machine learning are on the rise, computer literacy is a skill in demand for such workers. However, it doesn’t end there.

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What Does a Field Service Technician Do and How Much Does a Field Service Technician Make?

When the supply of field technicians isn’t booming, it’s challenging for a company to find the right candidates. It’s beneficial to look into the most demanded skills for such employees and determine whether your workforce meets requirements or it could be improved. And if you’re considering to shift your career to this desired occupation, it’s vital to understand what are the top skills for field technicians.

The most requested skills for field service workers are communication, customer support, analytical thinking, computer and mechanical skills, and physical well-being. As customer care becomes more crucial in today’s service sector, your team needs to be able to communicate with clients and react quickly to their issues and requests. Of course, the core skills as mechanical and physical capabilities don’t change. 

Despite the skill set, a competent worker has to show proficiency in:

  • Installing equipment
  • Troubleshooting and repairing equipment
  • Logging calls and data
  • Demonstrating how the equipment works to clients
  • Handling service vehicle

Although the skill set and required expertise can be challenging, field service technicians can make a comfortable living. Of course, the salary range depends on the industry and market, but field technicians get high compensation and additional benefits. PayScale data shows that internationally, on average, a field technician can earn up to 19.61 USD per hour.

To become a field service technician you don’t have to spend long years in university, you only need to get a certificate. You can take training classes or courses and in a few months, obtain a certificate showing that you’re licensed to work in the desired field. 

Digitized Business Operation Management

If you’re a team leader or a business owner who seeks to prosper in the current market, you should not only work on finding the best talents but also on implementing the latest automation trends in your business. Field service management software is one of the leading solutions in the current market. It automates business operations, digitizes manual processes, eliminates human mistakes, and saves time. 

Tasker is a top field service management software in the Baltics region, and we aim to assist companies on their way to modernization. Our cloud-based software enables managers and technicians to track tasks, manage operations and routes, and be on top of all field business processes.

Tasker also provides:

  • Digital signatures and client satisfaction evaluation
  • Drawing images to define issues better
  • Working in offline mode
  • Clients’ comments, reviews, and comprehensive reports 

Sounds like something your business needs? Visit us and learn more about business success.

A field service technician is an occupation on the rise. Whether you’re are looking for ways to enter the job market or searching for professional workers to enhance your workforce, it’s always useful to know about the market trends and work towards a better and modernized future.