The recently published Gartner Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management report shed some light on the new developments in the sector and predictions for the upcoming years. 

According to Gartner, 50% of field service management solutions will include mobile augmented-reality collaboration and knowledge-sharing tools by 2025, which is five times more than in 2019. 

Mobile-optimized FSM solutions aren’t a new thing, but mobile and technician-first optimization is what makes FSM tools more efficient and result-oriented. In fact, attention to technicians’ work and mobile device deployment is among the leading functionality emphasis of 2020. Based on the forecast, it’s easier to choose an FSM solution that can lead your business to an empowered workforce and saved resources.

But let’s go more in-depth to see why it’s better to choose a service provider that can offer a mobile-first and technician-first approach to your business.

Mobile-first FSM solution

Mobile devices open your business for further technological development. In the upcoming years, the winning field service businesses will be the ones that adopt new technologies to digitize their operation management. But it’s hardly achievable without a mobile workforce and advanced task deployment tools. 
The mobile-first solution opens doors for digital developments such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, materials resource planning integration, and prepares a workforce for digitalization.

Workforce efficiency. Mobile technologies give more flexibility to workers and enable them to be less location-dependent. If an FSM provider uses up-to-date solutions for mobile optimization, they can facilitate your technicians’ work and empower them to do most of the tasks using mobile devices. A mobile-first platform should provide you with the right tools to plan and evaluate tasks, schedule dispatching, communicate with clients.
Mobile devices can be a life-changing add-on to your business, as most of the new generation tools are affordable, offer full integration with your favorite software and operating systems, have a long battery life, and portability.

But what about technicians? Is mobile-first enough to cater to your workforce? 

Technician-first FSM solution

Technicians and field engineers are the most important part of a field service company. They know your service or product by heart, they represent your business and build direct relationships with customers. Therefore, FSM software should be tailored to serve technicians’ needs and simplify their work. 

FSM system optimized for technicians means:

Motivated workforce. Technician-oriented field service software can help to build employee reward and bonus systems. The platform tracks technicians’ work and progress, which can be an indicator of their performance review. Based on employees’ progress, an employer can set goals to motivate the team and reward the best workers for their effort.

More autonomy. An FSM software provides a knowledge base. Technicians can access data about clients, including their previous requests, pictures of the prior calls, contact information, instruction, and equipment status. This way, employees have more autonomy in the workplace as they don’t need as much help from dispatchers or managers. 

Better NPS score. The NPS score measures customer satisfaction and loyalty. As a field service, most of your communication with customers is most likely done via technicians. They report to the call, do the work, and while still on the spot, they can talk with customers, demonstrate products or services, and explain how to use installments. 
Direct communication with clients is a way to build long-lasting relationships and increase customer retention, which, in the end, grows your NPS score. If technicians struggle to cater to clients because of a lousy FSM tool, the results might not turn out as good. That’s why you should always make sure that your business management tools serve technicians first, so they can focus on helping clients.

Upselling opportunities. Technicians know your product or service best, therefore they can become proficient ambassadors to promote it to customers. Clients are more likely to trust technicians and take their advice as technicians prepare, install, or repair their equipment. 
The technician-first solution should provide workers with guidelines on introducing and proposing tailored premium services or products to the client for it to work. This way, you don’t have to spend resources on special onboarding sessions.

Taskertools – mobile and technician-first field service management system

Taskertools is designed to assist technicians and simplify their work. We help to take full advantage of mobile devices, increasing your team’s mobility and flexibility. Our app is built to optimize upselling with questionnaires and easy-to-use navigation to help technicians focus on their work and customer satisfaction. 

Every field service business deserves to be in the front lines of a developing industry. You can achieve that by choosing leading FSM software. Visit our plans to see how to make your business more mobile and technician friendly.