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  • You and your employees will only be able to access the web portal with a unique password.
  • Employees using the app will see only the information and documents that you gave them access to.
  • We provide a secure HTTPS connection. All data transferred between the app and our servers is SSL encrypted.
  • We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) for data storage. Copies of your data are regularly and automatically backed up into geographically dispersed AWS servers, which are extremely reliable and trusted by huge global corporations and security minded startups alike.
  • You may need to recover your data if an employee deleted or damaged the data, or if one of the systems synced to TASKER experienced a failure, or in case of other unforeseen technical difficulties.
  • The database does not have access to the Internet and can only be accessed through a dedicated private AWS network.
  • AWS meets the following security and management standards:
  • ISO 27001: 2013 Certificate - certifies that AWS complies with the ISO 27001 internationally recognized standard for best security management and comprehensive security control practices, taking into account the ISO 27002 Best Practices Guidelines.
  • ISO 27017: 2015 Certificate - confirms that AWS complies with ISO 27017 Guidelines for Implementation of Cloud Information and Security Controls, which complements ISO 27002 guidelines and ISO 27001 standard.
  • ISO 27018: 2014 Certificate - confirms that AWS complies with ISO 27018 Guidelines for Implementation of Cloud Person Identification Information (PII) Protection Control and complements ISO 27002 Guidelines and ISO 27001 Standard.
  • ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate - confirms that AWS complies with ISO 9001 standard for efficient quality management and continuous development, design and delivery of AWS services. It directly supports customers who develop, migrate and use their high-quality IT systems in the AWS cloud.


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