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TASKER is a flexible and effective tool for managing tasks, processes and employees.

Made for businesses with a mobile workforce, it connects your office employees with your field service representatives in real time:

  • your field worker uses a personalized app on his Android device
  • your office employee manages the process through the web portal
  • your customers can manage and track tasks in mobile and web applications

This setup provides an opportunity to effectively assign tasks, perform them successfully and control the process throughout.


For your industry

Every industry has its own specifics. TASKER is designed as a flexible solution to accommodate the unique requirements of your business.
Heavy Machinery
Facility Management

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  • Real time field service task assessment

    The manager assigns jobs in real time and monitors their execution: when the assignment was received, when the employee started to perform it, when the job was completed, etc.

    All work history is one click away, including every assignment with detailed entries about its completion or suspension. If your field technician encountered an obstacle and was unable to finish the job, this will also be registered in TASKER, and the responsible personnel will be informed.

  • Route planning and navigation

    Your tech sees all tasks and customers he's been assigned to on a map inside the app. This allows him to arrange his job schedule from the first client to the last, according to distance and traffic data. Your company's resources will be utilized more effectively.

  • Real time new job alerts and task revision

    Your employee receives new jobs in real time. The app on his mobile device alerts him about a new task by sending a push notification. When he receives the notification, he confirms his status and accepts or rejects the task. This is immediately visible to his manager.

    TASKER provides you with the possibility to add more jobs to an existing list and supply more information, even if the field tech is already with the customer. This helps resolve unexpected problems in a timely manner.

  • Digital signatures and the client satisfaction evaluation

    To sign off a completed job, the customer will simply leave a signature in your employee's TASKER app, so most of the documents will be in the cloud from that point on.

    When he/she signs the job sheet, the customer will also quickly evaluate the quality of the received service. This provides an opportunity to objectively evaluate your employees and offer them possibilities to improve where needed.

  • All your documents digitized

    All paper documents will be digitized and accessed through TASKER. Sharing them with your employees and clients will take only moments. This includes job sheets, estimates, orders and invoices.

    The process of exchanging the documents will become clear and simple: after your tech has filled out and sent the job sheet, it will become visible to the manager on the web portal, and the customer will automatically receive it via email.

    Using TASKER instead of printing and copying paper documents helps you to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

  • Drawing on captured images

    Encountering an obstacle? Do you wish to leave a note? Just take a picture with your mobile device and mark the area in question – all without leaving the app. This useful visual information can be attached to a job sheet or another document.

  • Offline mode

    TASKER works both online and offline. The employee will not be interrupted from filling out the documents when there's no internet connection. The system will send the data automatically when the device connects to a cell network or WiFi.

  • Time and location tracking

    TASKER can detect the location of your employee. This helps you efficiently reassign tasks. For instance, you'll be able to see which one of your techs is closest to the job site. NFC lock and QR code scanning integration allows you to make sure the job was done responsibly. For example, upon your decision, your employee may only begin his assignment once he's scanned the NFC sticker in the property of your customer. This action might be repeated after finishing the job.

  • Real time inventory monitoring

    Your employees will constantly report the status of their jobs, and will inform you directly about materials used or a lack of materials. You will be able to order goods you need more quickly, and manage your stock better. This will allow you to plan and utilize your resources efficiently.

  • Job history stats and reports

    The TASKER web portal has a feature to transform any raw data collected in the system into visual statistical reports. Utilize these extensive reports to plan and forecast accurately: simplify and shorten processes, notice every opportunity and challenge. Make logical, fact-based decisions based on the data at your disposal.

  • Full integration with other management systems

    We integrate TASKER with other business management platforms: customer relationship management, accounting, warehouse management systems. This tool can be fully customized to fit your business needs and complement any tools and systems you might already use.

  • All task-related documents attached

    TASKER personalized app allows you to effortlessly attach additional digital documents to any existing task.

How It Works

TASKER powers your business performance, whatever the industry.

How do you assign tasks to your mobile workforce? Do your employees receive task-related information in time? How do you expedite these processes? TASKER will help you find the right answers to these questions. Watch the short video to find out how the information flows between mobile and office workers and see for yourself how intuitive this tool is.

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All information is immediately systematised into the service database and becomes the maintenance logbook for each machine. This helps us not only to quickly identify the possible causes of failure, but also to plan preventive maintenance work and regular technical maintenance. All this saves time and money for us and for our customers,” Tomas Mockus, the service manager of Alwark UAB, said.

In the space of first half a year, we saved over 20,000 euros, eliminated work backlogs, and minimised problematic situations by using TASKER. The savings total about 600 working hours during that time.

Our customers who have already had experience with TASKER were unanimously positive in their evaluation of this solution. Both employees and the customers find this system intuitive and easy to use. The quality of service has increased significantly, reflecting the increasing rate of customer satisfaction in the services provided by the department. The most important thing is probably that over the first few months the solution enabled us to save an average of 300 working hours a month. This means that with the same staff levels we can process significantly more requests at the department and at the same time ensure high quality.

Inservis UAB is a company providing facility management, maintenance, auditing, troubleshooting of physical plants, testing of indoor air quality, installation, repair, cleaning, area maintenance, and other building management–related services for business and government entities.

“We started using Tasker in 2017, and since the beginning, the tool has helped us to reduce task execution time, improve communication between departments and technicians, and assess employees performance.” - Kęstutis Vaicekiūtis, the CEO of Grinda.


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