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Heavy Machinery

Imagine a situation: it’s a construction site, and one of your vehicles stopped working. One faulty bulldozer can cause enough trouble to lag behind the schedule or shut the whole work. When all operations are planned to details, there’s no time to find someone to fix the damage or change the equipment. You have to react fast and straightforward.

Tasker’s field service management software can eliminate this issue and help you to be prepared for any interference.

What is field service management software? The system is created to control the team of workers or service specialists outside the office. It applies to heavy machinery equipment supervisors and field technicians. With Tasker software, you can set a task directly after there’s a call, and assign it to available employees. It saves time because you can see which technicians are nearby and how long will dispatch last. The system also delivers a real-time tracking option and feedback after the task is done.

Tasker will help you with:
Monitoring your team's workload
Assigning tasks

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A mobile workforce is key to efficient business operation management. Clients in the vending sector know this too well. Manufacturers and maintenance service providers identify that their technicians have to react quickly and visit several calls a day. The problem comes when dispatching is not optimized, which can cause missed tasks, miscommunication, and delays.

Open-source field service management software challenges these issues and brings simplified business operations.

Tasker assists the vending sector with:
Dispatching and route planning
Digitized documents and smart contracts
Real-time revisions
Comprehensive dashboard where you, your team, and clients can access information about assigned projects

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Do you want to improve your field service technicians' work? Great!

Facility Management

Building maintenance is an essential part of any facility. It covers internal and external building care, ranging from electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, customer care, and similar operations. Regardless of a unit’s size and structure, it’s important to provide professional building maintenance to ensure efficiency and safety for its users and visitors.

Building maintenance is a never-ending process: property supervisors have to guarantee all lightbulbs are intact, the lawn around the building looks neat, and every corner is spotless and secure. It would be impossible to provide such a service without additional help. Tasker delivers field service management software that does all the work for you.

Tasker business operations management solution guarantees smooth information flow between property supervisors, designated employees, and your clients. Whenever there’s a call, employees responsible for building care are immediately notified. A person in charge can access a dashboard where he or she can find all tasks, employees’ schedules, possible routes, and feedback pages. Whether a light bulb burns out or there’s a leakage in a bathroom, Tasker helps to manage tasks without any trouble.

With Tasker, you can always be in charge of:
Real-time inventory monitoring
Route planning and navigation
FSM tasks distribution and assessment

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Security is a sensitive industry that requires attention to every detail. Security companies usually work with surveillance cameras and installation, theft control, private and public facilities monitoring.

When you work in such an industry, you’re responsible for other people’s well-being, life, and safety of their belongings or properties. When there’s an urgent call, you can’t postpone it or take your time in searching for available technicians. It’s vital to have a digital assistance tool to always be on top of every task.

Field service management software is one of the solutions to optimize business operations and provide impeccable service to your clients. Tasker takes great responsibility in ensuring that every call would be handled immediately with no risks for your customers.

We guarantee you:
Fast response time
Time and location tracking feature
Assistance whenever there’s an issue

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Landscaping is all about precision and attention to details. It should reflect on every aspect of your service. If you run a landscaping business, it’s vital to keep track of your employees and their performance, follow up with resources, and customer care.

It would be impossible to track all this information without digital tools. Field service management software for small business and established enterprises helps to organize your team, instantly respond to calls, and receive feedback from your customers.

Tasker open-source FSM software does it all for you. We integrate the system to meet your needs and customize it depending on your business specifics.

With Tasker, you can always:
Track your team’s routes and optimize travel time
Communicate with clients and help them to explain any issue in detail
Evaluate each task and get valuable insights

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Heating/AC Ventilation

As a company working in the HVAC industry, you know that facility maintenance has to be impeccable. Whether there’s an event, and air conditioning is not working or a small office that needs to adjust the heating system, you have to be there to handle it. With many different tasks and requests, it gets challenging to perform efficiently. That’s why you need professional digital assistance.

Tasker offers a field service management system to simplify your business operations, empower your workforce, and step closer to going paperless. With Tasker, you can manage your team, assign tasks, and change routes. After a job is done, the system sends an invoice and does all the counting for you. So, why waste money and time on manual work when you can take your business to the next level of excellence.

With Tasker, you can always:
Invoicing and billing features
Real-time task tracking and assessment
Communication between you, your team, and a client

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Appliance Repair

Before even starting a day, your phone and computer are bombarded with hundreds of calls and requests. Without proper help, it’s impossible to follow up with occurring issues, appointing technicians, proceeding payments, and billing. Those days are over because now you can monitor everything on one platform.

Tasker FSM software connects you, your team, and clients, and ensures smooth information flow. No more delays or miscommunication. Moreover, Tasker can be integrated with different devices, so that you can access information via a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. Also, the system is easily customized to your business operation specifics and features.

Tasker ensures:
Digital billing and invoicing
Task tracking and evaluation
System integration with all assigned parties

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The plumbing sector can get hectic at times. As a service provider, you have to be prepared for sudden accidents and longer than expected operations. Without professional field service management, you risk disappointing clients and overloading your workforce.

Tasker’s FSM solution is here to help any plumbing business and ensure that there are no more delays or miscommunication with clients. Company’s operation management allows you to be on top of all procedures from invoicing and getting paid to optimizing technicians’ work.

Whether there’s an accidental leakage or more extended project, Tasker helps to react immediately and delivers the best service possible.

Tasker delivers:
Coherent dashboard where your clients can leave descriptions and reviews on tasks
Task schedules and real-time tracking features
Customizable system to meet your business demands

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Do you want to improve your field service technicians' work? Great!