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Alwark UAB

“Alwark is known for its prompt and professional service. Our mobile repair service is constantly expanding, and to ensure the highest standards of services, we are constantly improving our processes.

We have implemented TASKER to manage our service desk operations more effectively. The system helps to quickly and efficiently plan and assign tasks to remote mobile service support. We get real-time information about on-going and completed work, faults covered by warranty, and customer reviews across the entire country, so we can promptly and efficiently organise delivery of spare parts from our warehouses and order them from manufacturers.

All information is immediately systematised into the service database and becomes the maintenance logbook for each machine. This helps us not only to quickly identify the possible causes of failure, but also to plan preventive maintenance work and regular technical maintenance. All this saves time and money for us and for our customers,” Tomas Mockus, the service manager of Alwark UAB, said.

The Alwark Group sells new and used special purpose machinery and vehicles — forklifts, snow removal vehicles, airport ground support equipment, municipal vehicles, etc. — offers long-term and short-term rental and maintenance services, and sells spare parts.

Konekesko Lietuva UAB

After implementing TASKER, the company Konekesko Lietuva experienced two key benefits.

Time saving:

The distribution of work has become more efficient and faster. All information about customer orders is stored in one place, and it is possible to clearly see the work status without having to call and ask. Moreover, customers can immediately be provided with answers about the progress of work. And with access to the system, the customers themselves can monitor progress and view reports.

By filling out the forms in e-format, our mechanics save time. There is no need for any photos taken to be additionally forwarded or for documents to be delivered to the office; they are automatically stored in the system. Finally, it is no longer necessary to decipher what is written on paper forms.


Since we sell our work and services, saving time means we can earn more. Adding up the work of mechanics, workshop managers, and service assistant to the calculation, we save about 10% of working time. Additional hours for work turn into additional work, revenue and profits for the company.

“In the space of first half a year, we saved over 20,000 euros, eliminated work backlogs, and minimised problematic situations by using TASKER. The savings total about 600 working hours during that time.”

Konekesko Lithuania is a machinery trade and service partner. The company sells machinery, implements, and other equipment for use in agriculture, construction, road construction, forestry, and storage facilities and spare parts for all types of equipment and provides technical maintenance and repair services.


GRIFS AG is one of the largest networks of security services in Lithuania. In a month, we process more than 1,000 customer inquiries, the majority of which go through the company’s Department Of Technical Solutions. And this number is constantly growing. This work is performed by several dozen employees who work in this department and are based in all major cities and regions.

We always choose quality as one of our priorities. We therefore face the challenge of how to control the ever-increasing flow of requests in an effective, timely and efficient manner. For this, we can either regularly increase the number of employees or look for innovative, resource-saving, and quality-enhancing solutions.

After performing a market analysis and announcing a tender, a solution tailored to our needs was selected. This was TASKER. In less than six months, this tool was adapted and integrated into the e-business management systems of GRIFS AG.

Our customers who have already had experience with TASKER were unanimously positive in their evaluation of this solution. Both employees and the customers find this system intuitive and easy to use. The quality of service has increased significantly, reflecting the increasing rate of customer satisfaction in the services provided by the department. The most important thing is probably that over the first few months the solution enabled us to save an average of 300 working hours a month. This means that with the same staff levels we can process significantly more requests at the department and at the same time ensure high quality.

So far GRIFS AG is the only company in the security market to have integrated its mobile employees’ task management solution into their business management system. We believe that this decision will become a standard in process management in the security business.

GRIFS AG is a company of security professionals. It implements physical and technical security solutions, installs electronic security systems, and ensures security risk management.

Inservis UAB

Inservis UAB is a company providing facility management, maintenance, auditing, troubleshooting of physical plants, testing of indoor air quality, installation, repair, cleaning, area maintenance, and other building management–related services for business and government entities.

The company and its affiliates Priemiestis UAB and Jurita UAB form the Inservis company group, which renders services throughout Lithuania to more than 2,000 different objects, with a total area maintained exceeding 2 million square metres.

As a result of the existing and ever-growing volume and complexity of work, we have encountered quite a few challenges ensuring operational efficiency and service quality:

  • Extremely high volume of requests for orders and challenging traceability.
  • Limited options for structuring and analysing data.
  • It is complicated to provide clients with prompt and detailed information about their buildings.
  • Work is organised between remote persons in charge and mobile technical staff.
  • All this results in the flow of orders and personnel resources not being organised in the most efficient way.

TASKER is the perfect solution for such problems.

Inservis and its affiliated companies provide facility management, maintenance, auditing, troubleshooting of physical plants, testing of indoor air quality, installation, repair, cleaning, area maintenance, and other building management–related services.

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